Top 10 Fitness Trends To Expect In 2019

Fitness trends 2019

It’s only fair that new fitness trend will surface in the New Year, seeing as almost everyone aims for fitness these days. Social media, like Instagram, will be flooded with the trendy workout. This year, 2018, we saw the renaissance of boxing, a blast of high-intensity interval training gym centers springing

10 Beauty Essentials For College Girls

10 Beauty Essentials For College Girls 2019

A college student is in midst of several life dilemmas. One part says to focus on future & another grab your hand to enjoy the present. During these years your skin demands more care as it is slowly leaving tenderness of teenage & being vulnerable to exterior climate. One cannot

Top 5 Upper Body Exercises for Women

Upper Body workout for Women

The strength of your upper body is really important for performing almost every other activity in your day to day life, for instance, purchasing fruits and veggies from the market or pulling something or the other. However, to strengthen the upper body becomes quite challenging for the women. It may

5 Tips On How To Lose Thigh Fat

How To Lose Thigh Fat

Do you desire you had thinner thighs? Do you feel envious when you look at the girls and celebrities having perfect legs finished with a subtle thigh and no cellulite? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. If losing thigh weight appears inconceivable to you, then you

9 Tips – When You’re Walking For Weight Loss

Walking For Weight Loss

It is everybody’s desire to fit in the specifications of their BMI index. Unfortunately, the irregular diet of many won’t let it happen. If weight loss is your new year resolution. Why don’t you initiate it right away if good exercise habits like walking? I hear many of them saying