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Detect the importance of healthy lifestyle with proven and tested health tips and tricks! As we all start to age, we start realizing how important it is to maintain a good health and make it our top most priority rather than an indulgence. Ever wondered why? The easiest answer is

Drunk Driving and Your Health: What Are The Real Risks?

Drunk Driving and Your Health

Disclaimer: This article aims to educate readers on the health risks of drunk driving. When involved in a drunk driving accident, it is best to call a medical professional in case immediate medical treatment is needed. Consult your legal representative to be informed about the legal aspects of drunk driving.  Alcohol-impaired

Are You a Hoarder or Just Messy

Are You a Hoarder or Just Messy

Introduction   We all value our things, after all, we bought them for our use to enhance our lives. However, nothing lasts forever and has to be thrown away. Some of us fail to see the value that has diminished and thus start hoarding. Some of us don’t have a strong sense of

Understanding Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Children

Autism can affect a child or adult in lots of different ways. For a toddler, it can hamper their development socially and their motor and communication skills. Autism is no longer a childhood disease it once was, when lots of children with such problem were not understood and remained hidden away.