Nicotine In E-Liquids: Which Strength is Right For You

Nicotine In E-Liquids

As studies continue to be published confirming e-cigs and vapes are safer than combustibles, more and more smokers are making the switch. However, the primary reason a small percentage of quitters fail their transition to vapes is a wrong choice in e-liquid. To understand cigarette addiction, it's important to understand

Know How To Glow Your Skin Even In Winters

Know How To Glow Your Skin Even In Winters

The winter is near with loads of Holidays and Happiness, so is the time to demand extra special care of your skin. The vacations are awesome, but what the winter does to our skin? Stepping out, with a patchy lip, hiding the dry skin under woolly layers or heavy tights,

What You Should Know About Selecting And Buying A Home Treadmill

Selecting And Buying A Home Treadmill

Are you planning to buy a treadmill for home? Have you thought about what you should know about Selecting and Buying a Home Treadmill? Exercise equipment is an important thing, and you should plan for it. An expensive item doesn’t mean durable one always. Before purchase, you should think of

Vibration Therapy – The Medicine Of The Future

What is Vibration therapy? "Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body." - Prof. Dr William Tiller, Nobel Prize winner, a quantum physicist at Stanford University. Vibrational medicine is a term that is increasingly used in circles that in Western medicine advocate for the concept of integrative medicine, and