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Vibration Therapy – The Medicine Of The Future

What is Vibration therapy? "Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body." - Prof. Dr William Tiller, Nobel Prize winner, a quantum physicist at Stanford University. Vibrational medicine is a term that is increasingly used in circles that in Western medicine advocate for the concept of integrative medicine, and

Every Nursing Mother Should Hear This

“For how long should I bear the pain of breastfeeding?” This is a common question that runs in the minds of many new mothers. They report that feeding that bundle of joy comes with excruciating pain from the breast and the swelling of nipples. Doctors recommend that you should breastfeed

Treatment for Diseased Bone Marrow in India

Most of the medical procedure today is expensive. A bone marrow transplant is beyond the reach of the common man. This is because this procedure is used to treat more than one type of disease and it find a donor is another task altogether. In this situation bone marrow transplantation cost