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Sexual Health and Your Body: The Worst STDs In The World

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are often a neglected topic among people who are sexually active. These people may be aware of the different types of STDs, and they know the consequences of engaging in frequent casual sex. However, they often turn a blind eye just to satisfy their sexual

Skin Care Tips to Follow Before and After Holi 2018

Skin care tips holi 2018

It’s just a week more and India will be celebrating the festival of colors. When you soak in the Holi fun, it’s difficult to remember about your skin type and the harmful effects of colors. Later after all the fun, you need to take an appointment with a skin specialist

What to Consider Legally If You’ve Been Involved in a Vehicle Accident

Vehicle Accident

Vehicular accidents can be distressful, and they often raise a myriad of questions at once: Should you move your car? Should you call the police? Should you make a claim? Read further to know what to do when you are involved in a car accident. What To Do When You’ve Been

Drunk Driving and Your Health: What Are The Real Risks?

Drunk Driving and Your Health

Disclaimer: This article aims to educate readers on the health risks of drunk driving. When involved in a drunk driving accident, it is best to call a medical professional in case immediate medical treatment is needed. Consult your legal representative to be informed about the legal aspects of drunk driving.  Alcohol-impaired

Are You a Hoarder or Just Messy

Are You a Hoarder or Just Messy

Introduction   We all value our things, after all, we bought them for our use to enhance our lives. However, nothing lasts forever and has to be thrown away. Some of us fail to see the value that has diminished and thus start hoarding. Some of us don’t have a strong sense of