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social determinants of health
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What Are the 12 Social Determinants of Health

Health determinant based on social, personal, environmental, and economic factors that influence health status. The Healthy society and community based on many aspects where theypeople are live.Many components that impactson health such as genetics, where we live,  education level, enjoinment, our income, genetics, relationship with family and friends all have noticeably effect on health. Government …

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5 Ways to Care for the Skin around Your Eyes

TV advertisements are full of skincare products to treat dark circles and puffy eyes. Skincare brands have dedicated products for eye care. They claim to treat the problems within days. The skin around the eyes is the gentlest area of your skin. Have you ever paid extra attention to it? Most of us ignore it. …

How To Make Your Kids Active And Healthy
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How To Make Your Kids Active And Healthy?

As a toddler, all the children are most active as a natural course of development during the early years. However, as parents, you should have the responsibility to engage them in physical activities. Young children may face challenges to perform physical activities without active role models. With the ever-changing lifestyle and more inclination towards following …